Our cheeky monsters…

As you have probably been told we have gone Not Now Bernard crazy in Year 1!

We have been busy talking about the characters, the story setting, how the characters might feel and what they might think and say, we have sequenced the story and re-enacted it using our drama skills, we have created WANTED poster for the mischievous monster and we have created our own monsters out of 2D shapes!

Take a look at what our pesky monsters got up to… they have tried to lead your little learners astray! I’d watch out if I were you…

2D Shapes

This week we have gone 2D shape crazy…

We have been busy naming, recognising and sorting 2D shapes by colour, number of sides and corners. We have been busy making regular and irregular 2D shapes using our geo boards and we have been focusing on our “reasoning skills” where we had to say what shape we think we could see in our shape pictures and give reasons for our decisions. The children were very good at explaining their reasons and saying whether they agreed or disagreed.

Not Now Bernard

This week we have started looking at the story Not Now Bernard by David McKee. The children made predictions about what the story might be about and have talked lots about the characters and setting. Can you remember who the characters are? Who is your favourite character and why?

We also had lots of fun creating WANTED posters for the cheeky, mischievous monster.

Parents and children beware… if you see a purple furry monster with beady eyes and pointy teeth contact 1 Park ASAP!

Art Attack

This week in Art we have been learning all about primary and secondary colours. Can you remember what the primary colours are? Can you remember what the secondary colours are? Can you remember what colours make black? Isie told us this useful fact.

We have also learnt a song to help us remember the colours of the rainbow that Charlotte learnt with her Grandma 🌈and we have been working on our brush techniques and we have been trying hard to paint using vertical brush strokes.

Happy and Healthy

This week in Science we are learning all about ourselves. We have looked at our bodies and named our body parts, we have drawn our skeletons for our Funnybones display and we have started looking at our five senses. Can you remember what our five senses are?

Yesterday we carried out a sense of touch investigation where we had to identify different textures. Everyone loved feeling objects that were fluffy, squidgy and bumpy.

We have also been comparing ourselves and have worked hard to identify similarities and differences. Can you suggest some similarities and differences?

Jujitsu Fun

Today we have been very lucky as we were given the opportunity to take part in a Jujitsu taster session.

We had lots of fun and the children were extremely enthusiastic!

If you would like your child to attend this after school club then please return the letter that will be sent home tonight.

Our Merit Winners

I cannot believe how tricky it was to choose our very first merit winners. Every member of our class deserved to be chosen and I feel very lucky to work with such a delightful class.

That being said I chose the following two superstars for their impeccable manners, kindness,and thoughtfulness and for being wonderful role models to the rest of the class. Well done 😉

Our First Week in Year 1 Park

What an exciting week we have had in school… we have become familiar with our new classroom environment, we have made class promises and set a target for the upcoming school term, we have shared our holiday news and made birthday cards and we have been looking at recognising, ordering and writing our numbers to 100. I’m exhausted just typing that all!

Your little learners have coped miraculously with this change and have had a seamless transition. You should be very proud of them.

I’m sure they will want lots of rest and recuperation this weekend (just like the teachers 😁).

Welcome to Year 1 Park

We would just like to say a very big “HELLO” to you all and a very warm welcome to Year 1. We are so excited for this school year and are looking forward to sharing the next chapter of your child’s school journey.

We hope you have all had a magical summer holiday. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.