Our Farm to Fork Trail…

We had a wonderful trip to Tesco on Monday in support of our geography unit of work “where does our food come from” and our DT unit of work “how to make a fruit salad”.

The children were fantastic and super ambassadors of our school. They enjoyed going on a store tour and loved seeing the fish counter and visiting the chillers… I on the other hand was very cold!

Take a look at what we got up too…

Road Safety

This week we have been very busy completing our stage 2 road safety. We have talked about the importance of stopping at the kerb, looking left and right and listening for traffic and we have identified the dangers with wet roads and rainy weather conditions.

We have also spent lots of time looking at the features of instructional writing, and we have been writing our own instructions for crossing the road at a zebra crossing and with a lollipop person. We also had lots of fun with the small world road mats and cars where we had to give instructions to the pedestrians!

On Thursday we met our school lollipop man Jim who helped us to cross the road safely. We loved spending time with him. Take a look at our super work.

The Journey of a Banana…

In geography we have been looking at where our food comes from. The children were fantastic at identifying fruits and vegetables that grow in hot and cold climates together with foods that grow above or below the ground.

We also looked at the journey of a banana and the children created posters to retell this long journey… Can you remember what happens first, next, then and finally? Who is the most hardworking in this journey. Who deserves to be paid the most?

Take a look at our super work…

Black History Month

In honour of black history month, we have been very busy looking at the life of Martin Luther King. The children were shocked to hear about the inequality and unfairness black people suffered all because of their skin colour. We talked about what it would be like to grow up in this period and we decided as a class that it must have been a very upsetting time.

The children were so proud of Martin Luther King for standing up for what he believed in and for campaigning to make a difference. The world is definitely a better place as a result of his strength and courage. The children believe everyone should be treated with love, kindness and respect and that you should treat others as you wish to be treated.

Take a look at our dreams for the future…

Road Safety

WOW!! What a busy and wet week we have had!! This week we have been looking at road safety,reinforcing that we have to hold a grown ups hand, stop at the kerb, look and listen and walk cross the road in a straight line when it is safe to do so.
On Thursday we had a special visitor to help us , Jim , our school crossing patrol person. He reminded us that we also have to stop ,look and listen and not to cross the road until he is in the middle of the road and he says “OK”. We must also walk in front of him not behind him . He also loves to hear our `Thank Yous` as it brightens his day. 🙂
Here are some of the work sheets that belong to this unit of our Road Safety stage.