Hello – Where are you?

If you are reading this blog post, please leave us a quick comment telling us who and where you are in the world. We are 5 to 6 years olds and we would like to know more about our audience.

30 thoughts on “Hello – Where are you?

  1. Hello,
    I am reading your blog in Bermuda which is a tiny island in the mid Atlantic – see if you can find it on a map. I am a teacher but I have just got up for school as it it only 6:50 a.m. here. Enjoy blogging – I know you will!

  2. Hi, I’m in Ellesmere Port not long back from Bhutan. I would normally have been looking at this from St Helena a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic ocean where I’ve lived and worked for the last 3 years.

  3. Hello Year 1.
    My name is Mr McLeod and I work at Foremarke School in Dubai.
    Dubai is a big city in the United Arab Emirates.
    We are a British school where lessons are just like in your school.
    Our pupils come from families from all over the world.
    They are living and working here in Dubai where the weather is very hot.
    Today it is 30 degrees.
    Our uniform is also purple.
    You can see us at our website. http://www.foremarkedubai.org

  4. Currently, I in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. While my address is Houston, we are actually on the far west side in a school district called Katy Independent School District where I teach 7th grade English. In a little while, I will be driving with my family to Midland, Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom. The drive will take approximately 8.5 hours to get to the Permian Basin in far west Texas. Happy Thanksgiving! Keep studying!

  5. Hello! I’m currently in the middle of a forest near Thetford, on holiday for a week with my family.

    Normally, I’m working in schools, just like yours, in Nottingham

  6. Hello y1!

    I am currently in Ahunghalla in the south of a country called Sri Lanka. It takes 12 hours on a plane to get here from the UK. It is very hot and sunny but there are lots of thunder storms with very, very loud thunder and bright lightning. The island is very green. Yesterday we saw wild elephants and peacocks!

    Enjoy blogging!

    Mrs Mccrory

  7. Hi I’m a year 5 & 6 teacher from Sydney, Australia. It’s nearly midnight here so I should be alseep! I hope you are having a great day.

  8. Hello I teach 3rd grade in Eastlake, Ohio in the United States at a school that’s just a stones throw away from Lake Erie. Have an amazing day!

  9. Hi! I’m from the US (near Chicago) and my husband is from the capital of Australia. Do you know which city is the capital of Australia? We teach in São Paulo, Brazil in South America. I’m the elementary librarian and my husband teaches 8th grade math.

  10. Hello, I am having a cup of coffee and reading your blog after teaching my A Level
    Students in Dungannon, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland. I like your school uniform, it is my favourite colour 🙂

  11. Hi there! We are in our Multi Academy Trust Office in Macclesfield, Cheshire planning lots of exciting ideas for our wonderful teachers to help them to do even more exciting things in their classrooms for children just like you!

  12. Hello Year 1, I’m an ex year 1 teacher in Coppull, Chorley, Lancashire. I now teach year 4 in Euxton and help lots of teachers all over the county of Lancashire.

  13. Hello Year One! My name is Ciarna, I live in Lurgan in Co.Armagh (The Orchard County) in N. Ireland. I teach boys and girls with Dyslexia. I wonder if you can guess why my county is called ‘The Orchard County’?

  14. Hello, I am writing this in Jamaica whilst on holiday. I live in Lancashire, England. Can you find Jamaica on a map? Which huge country is it near?

  15. Hello year 1. I teach in a really small village school called Follifoot. My class has year 4, 5 and 6 in it! Dyou know where Follifoot is?
    Keep working hard!

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