Everyday Materials


This week in science we have been learning all about everyday materials and their uses. We have also been sorting materials by their properties and we have discussed what if scenarios…

What if windows were made out of bricks?
What if knives and forks were made out of paper?
What if cars were made out if plastic?

Take a look at our super sorting.

Mitchell, James and Mrs Wilson also went on a material hunt around school. Have a look at their findings.

Mad Science

We started off this week with a bang! We were very lucky to welcome back Mad Science who took us back in time to learn about discovery vs inventions. We time travelled to Greece, America and France and saw lots of exciting things.

Take a look at our journey.

Happy New Year

Wow what a fantastic week we have had in school. The children have come back ready to learn and extremely enthusiastic about school life.

We have all shared our holiday news and I loved hearing all about your adventures. It sounded like you had lots of fun. I’m also so pleased that you all managed to complete your homework tasks, I agree with Zach’s mummy and think it was the best one set to date!