Internet Safety

In our computing lessons we have been looking at keeping safe on the Internet. We have discussed the importance of never giving personal information out, like full names, how old we are or what school we go to. We have also discussed that if we speak to people we do not know through playing a game they may not always be the person they say they are.

To help us with our learning we have used the site  where we have watched the videos about Lee and Kim and Hector’s world.

See if they can tell you about keeping safe on the Internet.

Road Safety

WOW!! What a busy and wet week we have had!! This week we have been looking at road safety,reinforcing that we have to hold a grown ups hand, stop at the kerb, look and listen and walk cross the road in a straight line when it is safe to do so.
On Thursday we had a special visitor to help us , Jim , our school crossing patrol person. He reminded us that we also have to stop ,look and listen and not to cross the road until he is in the middle of the road and he says “OK”. We must also walk in front of him not behind him . He also loves to hear our `Thank Yous` as it brightens his day. 🙂
Here are some of the work sheets that belong to this unit of our Road Safety stage.


Welcome to Year 1 Park

We would just like to say a very big “HELLO” to you all and a very warm welcome to Year 1. We are so excited for this school year and are looking forward to sharing the next chapter of your child’s school journey.

We hope you have all had a magical summer holiday. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.